Mutual trust and cooperation
between POLSOR's members

Systematic implementation
of modern technology to agricultural production

Reducing pollution
by implementing good agricultural practices


POLSOR (Polish Association for Agricultural Supply) associates people and companies who are active participants of the agricultural society. It is particularly interested in the development of agriculture in Poland. We wish all modern technological developments to be available to producers. This would give them competitive advantage on markets in Europe and worldwide. We find it crucial that all our projects are environmentally friendly and fully adhere to existing regulations.

POLSOR is a member of Coceral.


Actions that led to the creation of POLSOR were initiated in 2011. They responded to current market demands and led to the development of previously insufficient support of agriculture. Many CEOs, management, scientists, and even people only indirectly related to agriculture saw the need to consolidate—to unite in order to help each other and share knowledge, experience and opportunities.

This is why leading companies involved in the distribution of pesticides and fertilizers worked together to create POLSOR, an organization fulfilling this demand.

POLSOR’S ACTIVITYPOLSOR’s activity is largely dependent on the activity of its participants who aim to:

  • Introduce modern technological developments to agriculture, with adherence to the idea of sustainable agriculture
  • Develop local agricultural communities
  • Popularize good agricultural practices and educate
  • Ensure the safety of the environment by, among others, reducing the amount of waste created by agricultural production, the use of pesticides, fertilizers and seeds.

All details of POLSOR’s activity are included in the statue of POLSOR.